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The Trillium is our first hand spinner and it's made right here in our factory in Eugene Oregon USA.

After ten years of making high-end yo-yos, we decided to expand to a different kind of spinning toy: the hand spinner. Our goal was a premium spinner with an innovative design. In yo-yos, we invented a new type of axle system called Side Effects which allows for easy modification. We wanted to bring the same thing to a spinner.

We started with a tri-spinner (three legs). The Trillium consists of two titanium body parts that "capture" the bearing which is retained axially rather than radially like most spinners (either by a press fit or glue), and every Trillium ships with the famous One Drop 10Ball Stainless Steel Bearing that we have used in our yo-yos for over ten years. The benefit of the captured-bearing system is that the bearing is easy to remove and suffers no damage that a press fit might incur. As a result, this design results in a very smooth spinner performance no matter how many times it is taken apart and reassembled.Since the body consists of two pieces, they need to be fastened together and we decided to make the fasteners do double duty as the weights. This is cool because they are really easy to change out and this is where we achieved our goal of easy modification. When you purchase a Trillium, it will come with titanium 610 size weights installed, plus an additional set of brass 720 size weights. Right out of the box, you will be able to swap between these two weight sets and the difference in feel is so significant, it's like getting two different spinners. In the future, we will be releasing weights sets in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

The final piece is the buttons for gripping the spinner. The Trillium ships with titanium buttons engraved with the One Drop logo. The buttons feature a recess which allows for improved finger grip, but also gives you the option of inserting our silicone pads, which provide dampening and a soft grippy feel. The extra grip provided by the silicone pads makes it perfect for table spins, as the Trillium will stay put. If you prefer to leave the silicone pads out, the recess is the perfect size to take in some of the pad of your fingers and the engraved logo also provides extra grip. It's personal preference which you will like better and the choice is yours to make. In the future, we will also offer buttons in different materials.

This video shows the love, attention and work that goes into making Trilliums in our shop.

Specs with titanium 610s:
Spinning Radius: 1.2"
Weight: 47 grams

Specs with brass 720s:
Spinning Radius: 1.25"
Weight: 92 grams

Ships with the following items:

Assembled spinner:

  • 1 set of titanium tri-spinner bodies
  • 1 set of titanium 610 size weights
  • 1 lubed 10ball bearing
  • 1 set of titanium engraved buttons
  • 1 set of silicone pads installed
  • 4 12mm axles (3 for the weights and 1 for the button)

Extras in the the box:

  • 1 set of brass 710 size weights
  • 1 extra clean 10ball bearing
  • 1 extra set of silicon pads