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 One Drop Contest Sponsoring 
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This is an on-going list of what we have sponsored. It is updated regularly.

EYYC 2014
Japan League 2014
Fixed Axle February Video Contest
Thailand Nationals
Thailand Street YoYo Contest
Novo YoYo Contest - Colorado
Eastern Canadian Regionals
Tacoma Takeover Kendama Event
Florida State Yo-yo Contest
Pacific Northwest Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Maritime Regional Yo-Yo Competition - Canada
Mexican National Yo-Yo Contest
Utah State Yo-Yo Contest 2014
Israeli Yo-Yo Championship
2014 Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest
2014 SER
Thailand National Yoyo Contest 2014 (TNYC)
2014 Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship
MA States
UK Midland Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Kansas State YoYo Championship 2014
Bay Area Classic
Burnin Berlin Open
2014 Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest
NH State Yoyo Contest
French National Yoyo Championship 2014
South Central Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Mideast Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Battle in Seattle 2014
REWIND Presents Japan Yo-Yo Tour 2014
South Poland Classic
UK National Yo-Yo Contest 2014
Ural Yo-Yo Cup - Russia
Nevada County Fair - California
Duncan International Yo-Yo Championship
Spanish National Yo-Yo Contest 2014
Western Canadian Regionals
Hong Kong Yo Yo Contest 2014
Canadian National YoYo Competition 2014
Wisconsin States
2014 Georgia Yoyo Contest
Boulder Colorado Yoyo Competition
Virginia Beach Classic Yoyo Championships
Latin American Contest 2015
Duncan West Coast YoYo Championship
New York State YoYo Contest
BLC 2014
EZOE2014 - Japan
DXL Battle Championships 2014
2014 Minnesota Kendama Open
2014 Italian Nationals
Austrian Yo-Yo National Contest
Chilean National Yoyo Contest 2014
Polish Yoyo Nationals 2014
PNWR 2015

1st Panamerican YoYo Championship 2013 and Mexican Nationals
Northern Colorado YoYo Contest
European YoYo Contest
California States
Pacific Northwest Regionals
The High Plains YoYo Championships - Colorado
Kansas States
Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest 2013
Budapest Annual YoYo Contest
Bay Area Classic
New York States
Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship
Western Canadian Regional Yo-yo Championships
Albert County Fair 100 Years of Yoyoing
MA States
Mideast Regional Yo-Yo Contest
2013 Finnish Yo-Yo Nationals
South Poland Classic
South Central Regionals - US
Battle in Seattle
Hong Kong Yo Yo Contest 2013
French National Yoyo Contest 2013
Wisconsin State YoYo Contest
UK National Yo-Yo Contest 2013
Summer Skilltoyshop Yoyo Contest - Russia
2013 Canadian National Return Top Championship
2013 BLC Yo-Yo Contest Sponsorship
Spanish Yoyo Nationals 2013 (CEYY2013)
2013 Minnesota Kendama Open Hungarian Yo-Yo Nationals
2013 Italian Yoyo Nationals
Iowa State YoYo Contest 2013
PA state YoYo Contest
Illinois State YoYo Contest
Chilean National Yoyo Contest 2013
Vancouver Return Top Competition
The Southeast Winter Throwdown
44FESTA - Japan
WFC International 4 x Polish Yoyo Nationals 2013

Virgina State Yo-Yo Contest
European Yoyo Championship 2012
European Yo-Yo Meet 2012
Cal States
NYYC 2012 - Novoročný YoYo Contest
Pacific Northwest Regional YoYo Contest
Northern Regional YoYo Contest - UK
Budapest Yo-Yo Contest
Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest 2012
RI State Yo-Yo Contest
Western Canadian Regional Yo-Yo Competition
Kuching YoYo Contest 2012
2012 Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest
Bay Area Classic
Kansas State YoYo Contest 2012
2012 Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship
4th Thailand National Championships
Polish YoYo Nationals
Sopron International Yo-Yo Contest
Korean National YoYo Contest
UK National Yo-Yo Contest 2012
2012 Mideast Regional Sponsorship
Canadian National Return Top Nationals 2012
Hong Kong Yo Yo Contest 2012
French national Yoyo Contest
Greek National YoYo Contest
DXL Battle 2012 Sponsorship
World YoYo Contest
South Central Regionals US
BLC 2012
Bulgarian YoYo Contest 2012
Slovak Yoyo Nationals
CRHS 2012 YoYo competition
Northwood High YoYo Contest -Irvine, CA
UK Eastern Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest
Spanish Yo-Yo Nationals
Sarawak Regional Yoyo Contest 2012
2012 Italian Nationals
2012 Massachuse​tts State Yo-Yo Contest
South East Regionals 2012 USA
2012 Iowa State YoYo Contest
US National YoYo Contest
Illinois State Yo-yo Contest
10th Hungarian Yo-Yo Nationals
Florida State Yo-yo Contest 2013
44 Clash - Japan
WFC International 3 - Poland
HRYZ - Czech Yoyo Contest
Chilean National Yoyo Contest
Vancouver Return Top Contest - Canada
Instanbul YoYo Contest
Arab YoYo League
2013 MOYOSTAGE Yo-Yo and Diabolo Contest - Taiwan

Virginia State Yo-Yo Contest
European Yo-Yo Championship
MOYO State Yo-Yo Contest
California State Yo-Yo Championship
Pacific Northwest Regionals
3rd Budapest Yo-Yo Contest
Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest 2011
Polish YoYo Nationals 2011
Northeast Regionals
UK Northern Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Florida State Yo-Yo Contest 2011
2011 Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest
European Yo-Yo Meet 2011
Western Canadian Regionals
15th Annual Rocky Mountain and Colorado States
Locoyoyo Challenge
Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship
Kansas State YoYo Competition
Faces and Laces, Russia
Alabama Yo-Yo Contest
2011 Canadian National Return Top Championship
Hong Kong Yo Yo Contest 2011
Mideast Regional Yo-Yo Contest
UK National Yo-Yo Contest 2011
Georgia State Yoyo Contest
World's Yo-Yo Contest
2011 Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest
East Hungarian YoYo Contest
Capital City Yo-Yo Contest
Summer Freestyle Competition 2011, Poland
Tennessee State Yo-Yo Contest
Spanish Yoyo Nationals 2011
Iowa States
French Nationals
US National Yo-Yo Contest
Vancouver Return Top Competition
Hungarian Yo-Yo Nationals
Sarawak Regional YoYo Contest 2011
Victoria Harbour Yoyo Competition 2011 ‎(VHYC2011)‎‏
UK Southern Regional Yo-Yo Contest 2011
2011 Philippine National Yoyo Contest
South East Regionals - USA
2011 Italian Nationals
Florida State Yo-yo Contest

VA States
MA States
French Nationals: ... yoyo_sport
Gulf Coast Classic:
Victoria Harbour Yoyo Competition:
Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships:
Southern California Yo-Yo Championship
Maryland State Yo-Yo Contest:
Budapest Yo-Yo Championship: ... rseny.html
MOYO State Yoyo Contest:
European YoYo Meeing:
Polish Nationals
Australian National Yo-Yo Championships
Redondo Beach Yo-Yo Contest:
UK National Yo-Yo Contest:
Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest:
Canadian Yo-Yo Championship:
Annual Rocky Mountain Yo-Yo Contest: Wizards Chest, Denver CO
Bay Area Classic:
Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest
Philippine Nationals
North Carolina States
Texas States:
Oklahoma State Yo-Yo Contest:
Sopron International Yo-Yo Contest:
DXL Battle Championship:
Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship:
Singapore Yo-Yo Championships
Slovakia Yo-Yo Nationals
Idaho Yo-Yo Championship:
Capital City Yo-Yo Contest
Mideast Regional Yo-Yo Contest:
Hong Kong Yo-Yo Contest:
East Hungarian Yo-Yo Contest
Tennessee State Yo-Yo Contest:
World Yo-Yo Contest:
Southeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest
South Central Yo-Yo Contest:
5th Malaysia Yo-yo Contest
German Yo-Yo Masters:
Offline Sport Games 10:
Italian Nationals:
U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest:
Southern UK Regional Yo-Yo Contest:
Paris Yo-Yo Contest 09
PA Pro-Am Yo-Yo Contest:
Russian Yo-Yo Contest:

European Yo-Yo Championship:
Pacific Northwest Regionals:
California State Yo-Yo Contest:
Dead String Contest:
Mexican Nationals:
Yoturk Contest:
MA States:
European Yo-Yo Meeting 2010:
Minnesota State Yo-Yo Contest 2010:
Florida State Yo-Yo Contest:
Texas States 2010:
Finnish Yo-Yo Nationals:
North Carolina States 2010:
Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest 2010:
Varna YoYo Contest 2010:
MOYO 2010:
Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest:
Oklahoma State Yo-Yo Contest:
Polish National Yo-Yo Contest
Virginia State Yo-Yo Contest
French National Yo-Yo Contest
Australian National Yo-Yo Championships:
Sopron International Yo-Yo Contest:
14th Annual Rocky Mountain YoYo Championships
Indonesian National Yoyo Championship
2010 Midwest Regional Championship
Bay Area Classic:
2010 Ohio State Yo-Yo Contest
UK National Yo-Yo Contest:
Japan National Yo-Yo Contest
Mid-Atlantic Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Bill Liebowitz Classic
Canadian National Yo-Yo Contest
Slovak National Yo-Yo Contest:
Hong Kong Yo Yo Contest 2010:
East Hungarian YoYo Contest 2010:
Spanish National Yo-Yo Contest
Mideast Regional Yo-yo Contest
German Yo-Yo Masters 2010
Capital City Yo-Yo Contest
Polish Summer Freestyle Competition 2010
South Central Regionals Yo-Yo Contest
Idaho States Yo-Yo Contest:
2010 DXL Battle Championship
Tennessee State Yo-Yo Contest
Offline Sport Games Yo-Yo Battle:
44 Clash Yo-Yo Contest
Hungarian National Yo-Yo Contest
UK Southern Regional Yo-Yo Contest (SRC)
South East Regional Yo-Yo Contest
Winter Freestyle Competition 2010 - Poland
Victoria Harbour Yoyo Competition 2010 - Hong Kong

Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:24 am

Joined: Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:22 am
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I just want to ask if One Drop would like to sponsor for our Philippine Regional Yoyo Contest on May? :)

Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:11 am
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Joined: Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:05 pm
Posts: 4163
Please email details:

Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:06 am
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