Elijah Tan

Elijah Tan


We have known Elijah for many years and are very excited to have him on the team.  He's a local player (lives in Eugene near the factory), a great guy and his focus is on the 3A style.  3A is difficult but Elijah makes it look easy.  It's so difficult that not many players do it or compete in it. It's great that Elijah is helping to keep it alive and well and we are happy to be supporting him in this.

YoYo History

Procrastination is the name of this game. It was nearing the end of my 6th grade year and I was trying my absolute hardest to avoid doing homework any way I could. I began digging around boxes in our closet and found a cheap dollar tree yoyo my grandpa had given me years ago. I began learning the basics through youtube and realized there was a whole new level of tricks to achieve after watching Andre Boulay’s tutorials. I began scouring eBay (my dad’s web-market of choice) in search of a yoyo that could handle what I wanted it to. After settling on a Duncan Metal Zero, I convinced my dad to get it for me. After stripping it (and stripping the replacement one I got after), I decided I wanted to upgrade. Being young and naive, I purchased a dark magic 2 with the idea that I could do any trick as well as Andre did immediately.

After 6 months of training I heard of a yoyo contest in Seattle (3 hours north of where I lived) and I knew I needed to go. After purchasing a pair of cheap yoyofactory yoyos at PNWR 2012 and trying my hand at some 3a, I knew it was for me. Something about the way the yoyos were able to interact with one another amazed me. PNWR 2012 was also where I was introduced to my friend Odon who helped me get better every day after (as he lived relatively close to me). Together we visited the One Drop shop to purchase some shiny new throws and yoyo with some super cool folks.

One Drop has been a special company to me ever since the first time I visited as they were just so nice (and the massive collection of yoyos they have will really draw a kid in). I feel lucky to have the opportunity to represent a local company who I have admired since the beginning.