Ethan Cheung

Ethan Cheung


There isn't anything in the English dictionary to describe how thrilled we are to be working with Ethan Cheung. Reigning from New Jersey, Ethan has quietly worked his way to becoming a powerhouse in the circuit. His technical execution, elemental smoothness and flow pairs perfectly with the jazzy tunes he can lay down on his saxophone. The future is bright with Ethan and we are privileged to have him as a part of our family, and more than excited to see him serenade the world with his talents.

YoYo History

"When my uncle handed me a yo-yo for my seventh birthday, I never would have known that such a small toy would have such a huge impact on my life. With a new yo-yo in my hand, I set out to master every trick on the Yoyo Expert website. However, I soon found that I was reaching the limits of what a $10 plastic yo-yo could do, and gradually lost interest in the hobby that I had just picked up.

Surfing the Internet sometime four years later, I came across a video of Yuuki Spencer doing combos with such intricacy and mastery that I could hardly believe my eyes. I was shocked to learn that there was a whole world of yo-yoing outside of the list of tricks that I had become so familiar with, and picked up the yo-yo that had been collecting dust in my desk drawer. Upgrading to an unresponsive yo-yo and convincing all of the kids at my lunch table to buy one, I was once again hooked on the hobby.

Even so, yo-yoing hadn’t really become a major part of my life until 2013, when my family vacation to Orlando happened to line up with the World Yo-Yo Contest. Meeting and trading tricks with all of the people there made me realize that yo-yoing means much more than just learning tricks from tutorials; it is a creative outlet that allows you to innovate, develop your own style, and collaborate with others.

I am extremely thankful for all of the friends I have made through yo-yoing, as well as David, Shawn, and Paul for giving me the opportunity to be on such a great team.

When the yo-yo is in my pocket, you can find me playing the saxophone, listening to jazz, skiing the steepest slopes, riding roller coasters, going on adventures, building things, eating sushi, and hanging out with some of the coolest people in the world."