Graeme Steller

Graeme Steller


We are honored to welcome Graeme Steller to our team. Graeme has an enthusiastic personality that is loved by all, and his consistent joy and service to the community makes him a perfect representation of our "For the Players" mentality.

Graeme has quickly distinguished himself in the yo-yoing community, to say the least. His yo-yo videos each show editing technique and overall construction that is not only brilliant, but additionally thoughtful and masterful. While his name is recognized internationally, Graeme especially holds a strong presence on the East Coast of the United States, having grown up in Rhode Island. He has worked hard to improve the scene in New England through his many performances, yo-yo club start-ups, competition freestyles, and more.

YoYo History

"When you're fourteen years old and your only income is whatever money is left over from lunch, a $100 price tag for a toy seems criminal. When I saw yo-yos with three figure price-tags, I was baffled as to why a hunk of metal would burn such a crater in my piggy bank. I decided to do a little research, so I snooped through the online yo-yo forums, made some Google searches, and watched a bunch of different yo-yo videos to better inform myself of twenty first century yo-yoing. I was pretty surprised that yo-yoing wasn't as simple and childish as I had perceived it to be; yo-yoing was something for people with artistic, creative, and intellectual aptitude.

Having not yet broken the "five feet tall" barrier, I needed something that would make me feel at least an inch or two closer to overcoming self-consciousness; I needed a distraction from the excruciating pressures of the junior high school social scene. It was 2009 and time to get with the times, so, naturally, I decided to buy a $20 Aerobie Aerospin with my spare allowance money. A few days later, my $20 investment shattered after a walk the dog gone wrong, and I found myself back at the drawing board. My next investment was a $30, unresponsive Yomega yo-yo, which was more suitable for the level of tricks I was hoping to achieve. However, not long after my purchase, the threading of the yo-yo stripped after a quick surgery on an axle knot. Crushed, I went back online, searching for metal yo-yos that could endure my frequent taking apart of the yo-yo. Next thing I knew, I was surfing OneDrop's website, learning about the axle system of the M1 and Project; problem solved.

The rest of the story is simply told: I bought some of OneDrop's yo-yos, started talking to the big boys in charge, and a year later, they asked me if I'd like to be on their team.

Outside of yo-yoing, I enjoy editing and filming videos, eating food, being really handsome, acting, going on bike rides, fighting off lions that escaped the zoo, spending time with people who make me laugh, imitating Paul Dang, winking at pretty girls, being a student, and saving the world (part-time)."