Jonathon Best

Jonathon Best


Jonathon Best by day is a middle school computer literacy teacher and by night a yo-yoer with a passion for the hobby that has lasted over 20 years. He has spent most of his life in and around contests, clubs, and workshops. From the Duncan to the Yomega boom, to the birth of the internet, Jonathon has seen most of it grow and evolve around him as he developed into the player he is today.

Whether teaching kids or adults, running workshops, or doing demos, Jonathon's happy to spread his love of the hobby to as many people as he can.

A long time ago, Jonathon started to write graffiti under the moniker "Doctor B", and that name has followed him into yo-yoing. He produces yo-yo videos under that name and yelling out "Hey, Doc!" will get his attention at any contest. Talk to him about trick theory, string geometry, or yo-yo physics and you'll understand why he's called the Doctor.

YoYo History

"I started yo-yoing when I was ten years old with a red Duncan Imperial that soon got replaced with countless other inexpensive yo-yos. The Duncan boom came and went, the Yomega boom came and went, but no matter who was dominating the contests or the airwaves, I kept at it.

About ten years ago, I had the opportunity to meet yo-yo legend Jon Gates at his Denver based yo-yo club. With Mr. Gates as a mentor and close friend, my skill and my passion for the hobby both grew faster than I realized. After competing in, and winning some, local and regional contests, I decided to expand my attention to the larger national and internet scene by attending more competitions and releasing videos typically filmed in all of the great places I've had the good fortune to visit. I've filmed yo-yo videos in Japan, Ecuador, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, the Bahamas (and a few other islands in the Caribbean), and the snowy mountains of Colorado.

From the moment I first threw an original Project, I knew that One Drop had something special to offer the world and anyone smart enough to tie one to their finger. Since then, I've become particularly partial to the Project 2, the DANG, and the Cascade...but I think it'll be a while before this Yelet leaves my side. I'm excited for this opportunity to represent and throw for a company that exudes class, sophistication, and dedication to excellence."