Jordan Hacherl

Jordan Hacherl


We're honored to have our good friend and long time supporter on our team. Jordan has come a long way with his yoyoing. We get the chance to watch yoyoers improve over time and Jordan is an outstanding example of that. He is also a great human being.

Jordan is a Marine Biologist from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. During his time there he started the OSU/Corvallis yoyo club and has welcomed all players and skill levels. If you ever find yourself in the Corvallis area make sure you contact him so you can see the club!

Jordan is an up and coming yoyoer with a desire to make an impact on the community. He even dreams one day of owning his own yoyo and skill toy store in Seattle.

YoYo History

"I first started yo-yoing sometime in elementary school, circa 1999. We had a yoyo demonstrator come to our school and show us tons of cool tricks. So everyone, including myself, bought yoyos and were nuts about them. Then after 2 weeks or so, everyone stopped yoyoing. I held onto my orange Duncan imperial for a while and kept yo-yoing, but eventually all my strings broke and the yoyo was stuffed to the back of my desk drawer. At some point during my senior year of high school I began to become really bored. I would mainly go home and do homework, hang out with friends, or play video games (AKA: super smash brothers mele for hours). Eventually I remembered that my friend Paul Dang was a sponsored yoyo player. I decided to send him a message on facebook asking about how I should get started with yo-yoing. Paul gave me some good advice and tips and I bought a Duncan bumble bee. I was hooked.

My first metal yoyo purchase was a purple M1 from One Drop, it instantly became my daily carry. I was getting pretty into yo-yoing at the time but I mainly just thought it was fun and I didn't take it too seriously. A few months after that Paul Dang took me to the 2010 Nationals where I met a bunch of yoyoers, hung out with Shawn and David, and watched Sebby sweep the Nationals title. I was so amazed by all of the different styles that people had developed in their divisions. That day I realized that yo-yoing was so much more than a toy.

I've been yo-yoing for around 3 years and I'm really drawn to the creative aspect of the hobby. I love to see how each person has their own unique style and the endless amounts of trick variation and possibilities. I've loved One Drop ever since I laid eyes on the Project. Their dedication to their product and to the yoyo community is amazing. David and Shawn are great friends and I'm honored to support their brand."