Lukas Pokorny

Lukas Pokorny


We are honored to welcome Lukas Pokorny to our team. Coming from one of the biggest yoyo nations Lukas quickly established himself as a role model in the Czech scene. He is working tireless to support the local community through supervising at yoyo camps, working behind the scenes at contents and running classes at elementary schools.

Lukas is also often found teaching or helping behind the counter at Slusny. Make sure to stop by and give him a high five if you ever visit Prague!

YoYo History

"When I was in elementary school I tried a couple of collective sports but I never really enjoyed them. I heard about yoyos from my peers at the time but I wasn't much interested in trying until Vashek Kroutil had an exhibition at my school in 2011. After his performance I was inspired to pick up a yo-yo and signed up for the yoyo academy classes at the school held by Tomáš Bubák. He taught me everything from the start which I am very grateful for.

I come from a country where yoyoing is very popular, we have many events around the nation on a monthly basis. Not long after my early success I attended one of these competitions where I fell in love with the world of yoyoing thanks to the welcoming nature of the local community. They are like a big family to me now and some of the players became my best friends.

In 2016 Robert Kucèra introduced me to Vilmos at the European YoYo Championship. During our first conversation we talked about competitive yoyoing and I had a chance to try the latest One Drop models. I especially liked the Vanguard at the time. After the contest we stayed in touch. I could always ask him for an advice regarding my next routine which helped me to improve a lot. His friendliness got me interested in One Drop and the team so I started to support them by using their yoyos on events and behind the camera.

I am extremely happy to be a part of such a great company. It's a dream come true!"