Nehemiah Peterson

Nehemiah Peterson


It is our great pleasure to have Nehemiah Peterson join the OD family. We believe he is an outstanding individual with a great passion for the yoyo community. Since his joining, he has become an essential asset to promotion through social media outlets, and you will likely find him behind the lens at the contests, documenting everything via picture and video capture.

We look forward to working with Nehemiah moving forward, and are thankful for all he does for the community.

YoYo History

Yo-Yoing has always been a very interesting aspect of my life. It is what got me out of failing at sports, got me into photography, and it will be the engine of my future youth ministry. I don’t really compete anymore, but I love yo-yo and I’m usually either making tech or behind the camera at contests now. I have had the opportunity to be a part of many different groups and brands throughout my short time yo-yoing, but nothing spoke louder and more pure to me than One Drop. The man that got me into One Drop, Drew Mrowiec-Barnhart, oddly enough drew inspiration from me growing up and is now one of my best yo-yo friends, so we have some awesome history there. Drew followed One Drop for most of our long friendship, and finally got me to give it a chance around the time of Nationals 2016. I had always loved their old product like the Cascade and the Code 1, but hadn’t really spent time throwing their new material. I got the chance to throw the Kraken the first night of nationals and fell in love. I was blown away at how good such a large yo-yo was, and I could barely put it down. Day two of Nationals 2016 Will Prater gave me his own Kraken and invited me to lunch. The entire contest I got to hang out with Drew, Paul, Greg, Markmont, and Will. They took me in as their own, asked me about Tech Creators, and gave me yo-yos to throw. By the end of the weekend, I had received 5 free yo-yos from the team. Soon I would go to PNWR and hang out with the rest of the team at the shop, at Will’s house, and at the contest. I had a chance to meet David and Shawn and have a really in depth conversation about One Drop and Tech Creators. They listened to me and really seemed interested in not only my movement, but myself as a person. To make a long story short, I had a great weekend and fell in love with this company and this team. Dinners, laughs, yo-yos, and hang-outs created a warm and loving atmosphere that demonstrated to me what One Drop is truly about. I am honored to not only be a Tech Creator in this amazing world of yo-yo, but a One Drop Team Member.